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This is a FemDom phone sex role play scene…

I taught Driver’s Ed when I was in college and it was a really fun job.  I got to get outside and I enjoyed helping people gain their independence by getting their licenses.  Mostly, I worked with high school kids and new immigrants, but every once in a while, I would get some sheltered wimpy adult who just never got his license because he was too scared or because he always got driven places.  This story is about a really shy weird 30-something guy named Jake who was one of my most annoying students.  Jake kept taking extra lessons instead of taking his driver’s test because he liked me and he had never had a girlfriend before and getting me stuck alone in a car with him for two hours was the most exciting thing that happened in his sad little life.


I kind of felt bad for Jake, but he was often pushy and rude and he would piss me off before I could feel too bad for him.

Because I have a short attention span and I know you won’t care anyway, I am going to skip over a bunch of this story where Jake and I go on countless driving lesson trips together and cut right to the time when he finally pushed me too far and I got fed up with him.   Jake was acting like I was his girlfriend – well, actually, he was acting like a needy bitch, so I guess that would make me more like his boyfriend.  Anyway, I had enough.  We were near this secluded park and my phone was ringing and I told Jake to pull over while I took the call.  It was my boyfriend, Robert, who laughingly told me that he was right behind me.  He had been following us for a few blocks after he just happened to drive by us and he saw me yelling at Jake.  He was not worried about me, Robert knew I could handle myself fine.  But he was a little worried about poor wimpy Jake.  He was laughing when he asked, “Do you need me to take him home so you can cool off, babe?”

“No,” I replied with a wicked grin, “But I could use your help, sweetie.”

I told Jake to adjust the rear view mirror so he could see the back seat and then I made him give me the car keys and I told him to sit right there and not move.  Then I got out of the car and asked Robert to join me in the back seat.


I climbed on Robert’s lap and rubbed his cock through his jeans while I kissed him.  Then I explained, “Robert, honey, I am going to fuck you right here while Jakey watches.  He likes to imagine he is my boyfriend, but we all know that is silly.  I want him to see what it looks like when a real man satisfies a woman so he can understand why he is never going to be my boyfriend.”

Then I sat down next to Robert and unzipped his pants.  I pulled his gorgeous fat 10.5″ penis from his pants and stroked him openly while insisting Jake watch in the rear-view mirror.  I made Jake tell Robert how beautiful his cock was and how Robert deserved a hot girlfriend like me.  And then I wriggled out of my jeans and climbed on top and rode that big dick until Robert and I both came.  Judging by the wet spot on his pants, Jakey came, too.  lol  :)

That was a memorable day.  I told Jake that watching me fuck my boyfriend was his graduation surprise because I told him he was officially done with Driver’s Ed and he had to take his test the next week.  Then I gave him a little kiss on the cheek and wished him well.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my old college job.  :)

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